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Whoa, TEN minutes of hardcore pussy eating should be enough to tire out any white slave - but these gorgeous Black Mistresses don't care at all and they work their loser pussy licker like the little bitch that he is. That tongue goes into overdrive or he's going to get beaten - bad!


8:06 $8.00 Sniff and Smell My Black Ass
Sniff and Smell My Black Ass

There is no way to decline, stupid white slave burke knows what's best for him, and that's to get his nose deep in pussy and ass before she gives him a ...

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8:23 $8.00 Eat what I have for you!
Eat what I have for you!

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7:08 $7.00 We're home - start licking!
We're home - start licking!

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I ride - then you eat your cum!

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Get in there real deep!

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7:20 $7.00 Pussy is on the menu!
Pussy is on the menu!

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