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We're happy to report that the world's dopiest white slave to black women just had the greatest day of his life in this clip - Mistress Kendra actually has mercy on him and rides his dick! Of course, this is only to pleasure herself and he is not allowed to cum, but still - it beats what normally happens to him!


8:06 $8.00 Sniff and Smell My Black Ass
Sniff and Smell My Black Ass

There is no way to decline, stupid white slave burke knows what's best for him, and that's to get his nose deep in pussy and ass before she gives him a ...

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9:00 $9.00 Cum-licking white slave
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Slurp your own cum, slave!

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6:13 $6.00 I ride - then you eat your cum!
I ride - then you eat your cum!

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