Selected Video My pussy needs to be cleaned!

Don't fret Black Goddess! You may be out of toilet paper but your silly white slave will do anything for you, and that includes cleaning you up after you've had to tinkle in the toilet. You might even get off on it and start using him every day for this!


8:06 $8.00 Sniff and Smell My Black Ass
Sniff and Smell My Black Ass

There is no way to decline, stupid white slave burke knows what's best for him, and that's to get his nose deep in pussy and ass before she gives him a ...

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4:08 $5.00 Is your tongue 2-ply or 4-ply?
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Nothing lets a white slave know his place in the universe like being used as the human toilet paper he was born to be. Once his Mistress has done her to...

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4:02 $5.00 Your mouth better get cleaning!
Your mouth better get cleaning!

Licking the delicious pee droplets from the pussy of a Black Mistress after she uses the toilet right in right of you is how our worthless white slaves ...

2:21 $3.00 My bush is HUGE!
My bush is HUGE!

This clean up job might take a little while since our black babe has a bush that won't quit. Who knows how much yummy goodness is trapped in that hairy ...

4:49 $5.00 Your tongue is cheaper than paper
Your tongue is cheaper than paper

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