03:02 $4.00 Your stomach is my Ass Chair
Your stomach is my Ass Chair

Chyna could sit on the couch while she reads her magazine, but what good is it to have a white slave if you can't use him as your furniture as well? Not...


15:17 $12.00 Obey or be punished!
Obey or be punished!

Black Femdom galore in this clip as the ladies take several of their white slaves out for a test ride. Multiple kinds of Femdom action in this clip so i...

09:04 $9.00 Our white sex toy
Our white sex toy

These two black Mistresses use their slave in various ways, but it's all Femdom all the time, as usual. They force him to eat their pussy while they jer...

05:38 $5.00 Brush my hair, bitch!
Brush my hair, bitch!

When you're a slave to black women, you can be called on to do the most mundane tasks because they are superior to their white slaves in every way. In t...

03:28 $5.00 Mia's trample bathmat
Mia's trample bathmat

Gross and stupid white slave Burke is not good for much, but at least he can act the part of a trample bathmat for Mistress Mia as she takes a shower. A...