03:02 $4.00 Your stomach is my Ass Chair
Your stomach is my Ass Chair

Chyna could sit on the couch while she reads her magazine, but what good is it to have a white slave if you can't use him as your furniture as well? Not...

Foot Fetish

06:34 $6.00 The foolish footstool
The foolish footstool

Two beautiful black babes sitting comfortably by the pool - the only thing they need to keep their dominant lives complete is to make sure their disgust...

04:21 $4.00 Her white ottoman
Her white ottoman

Our big Ebony Goddess needs to do her nails before she goes out tonight and she doesn't trust her foolish white slave to do a good job at that - instea...

05:46 $5.00 Foot Stool Fool
Foot Stool Fool

There's never a foot stool around the house when Mistress Kendra wants one - luckily she has super foolish Burke who's mush brain has rendered him usele...

07:54 $7.00 Foot Stool Fool
Foot Stool Fool

This isn't real exciting since the first couple minutes are just the girls blabbing away, but eventually we see our sissy white slave enter the picture ...

05:04 $5.00 Mia's footstool
Mia's footstool

Mistress Mia knows just how to humilate her pathetic white slave - using him as a foot stool for her sexy black feet while she talks to her friends on t...