8:06 $8.00 Sniff and Smell My Black Ass
Sniff and Smell My Black Ass

There is no way to decline, stupid white slave burke knows what's best for him, and that's to get his nose deep in pussy and ass before she gives him a ...

Body Worship

5:05 $5.00 Lawnkeeper Massage Boy
Lawnkeeper Massage Boy

Stinky white slave burke can be seen sweeping up the grounds like the humiliated house boy that he is, before being called over to worship the body of s...

3:17 $3.00 Massage My Boobs
Massage My Boobs

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6:39 $6.00 Chyna and the hands of doofus
Chyna and the hands of doofus

Black Goddess Chyna orders stupid white slave burke to oil her down - and her better worship her body while he does it, or else!

5:11 $5.00 Lick our boobs, slave!
Lick our boobs, slave!

Horribly stupid white slave Burke is ordered to suck, kiss, lick and fondle the delicious boobs of these two sexy Black Females. He moves from one to an...

4:01 $4.00 Worship my boobs!
Worship my boobs!

Mistress Jordan Love feels like a little boob worship so she kicks back on the couch and calls in one of her loser white slaves to perform the task. He ...