03:02 $4.00 Your stomach is my Ass Chair
Your stomach is my Ass Chair

Chyna could sit on the couch while she reads her magazine, but what good is it to have a white slave if you can't use him as your furniture as well? Not...


08:56 $9.00 Fat hairy white idiot footjob!
Fat hairy white idiot footjob!

His luck never runs out, even though he's a disgusting pig of a slave to his gorgeous Nubian Mistresses. They order him to take off their shoes so that ...

25:09 $12.00 Footjob Fantasy
Footjob Fantasy

An agonizingly long footjob clip here. I think white slave Rod was forced to cum a few times too many this day because he's trying his level best to get...

09:23 $9.00 Footjobs and Facesitting
Footjobs and Facesitting

Mistress Jordan Love graciously agrees to give a footjob to her white slave but the catch is she wants his face to spend the entire time in her ass whil...