03:02 $4.00 Your stomach is my Ass Chair
Your stomach is my Ass Chair

Chyna could sit on the couch while she reads her magazine, but what good is it to have a white slave if you can't use him as your furniture as well? Not...

Body Sitting

08:05 $8.00 My chair, My ashtray
My chair, My ashtray

Today is a good day for Mistress Cocoa to try out her white slave as both human furniture and human ashtray. You get a quick view of her voluminous ass ...

05:28 $5.00 My couch is ugly!
My couch is ugly!

What do you get when you have one puny white slave and a BIG ebony Mistress that needs a place to sit while she's on the phone? You get a crushed white ...

02:53 $3.00 We love to sit on white boys
We love to sit on white boys

This white boy know what's best for him when a couple of sexy black Femdoms want to use him as a seat - he puts himself between them and the couch and o...