03:02 $4.00 Your stomach is my Ass Chair
Your stomach is my Ass Chair

Chyna could sit on the couch while she reads her magazine, but what good is it to have a white slave if you can't use him as your furniture as well? Not...

Human Ashtray

08:05 $8.00 My chair, My ashtray
My chair, My ashtray

Today is a good day for Mistress Cocoa to try out her white slave as both human furniture and human ashtray. You get a quick view of her voluminous ass ...

09:43 $9.00 The human ash-can
The human ash-can

Now this is a lot of ash that poor pathetic white slave Burke is forced to eat. These three sexy black girls light up and the human ashtray is once agai...

06:03 $6.00 My white ashtray
My white ashtray

The world's dumbest white slave is performing his human ashtray trick for Mistress Kendra again. Stupid old Burke just can't get enough of being used as...

04:12 $4.00 Our ashes go in your mouth!
Our ashes go in your mouth!

To show their utter contempt for their white slave, these two black Femdoms decided to take their smoke break outside and brought along their portable h...

05:31 $5.00 Burke the Garbage Disposal
Burke the Garbage Disposal

Oh, Burke - you're so worthless that you aren't good for anything other than acting as a lounge chair and human ashtray for Mistress Mia. She sits on hi...